Fern Hill Elementary Yearbook



Our yearbook needs your help to capture this first marking period! With your help we can capture the memories from the first marking period. 


*In order to upload your photos to Tree Ring please follow these simple steps:

1. Sign up for an account (email required)

2. Choose “I’m a parent”

3. Enter passcode: 1015983535492295


School Events Photos for the 2020-2021 School Year


First Day and Back to School Pics Upload Link



Chalk it Up (Please upload by 9/30)
Fern Hill Rocks! (Please upload by 9/30)
Pumpkin Patch Photos (Please upload by 11/1)
Halloween Costume Photos (Please upload by 11/1)

Photos by grade/class for the 2020-2021 School Year


Mrs. Karrmann 
Mrs. Parise 
Ms. Ryan 
Mrs. Trembath 


1st Grade 
Mrs. Berry 
Ms. Devaney 
Ms. Fife/Mrs. Peterson 
Mrs. Letrinko 


2nd Grade 
Mrs. Dzielawa 
Ms. Givey
Mrs. Greim
Mrs. Jordan 
Ms. Kelly
Mrs. Mize


3rd Grade 
Mrs. Adams 
Mrs. Costello 
Ms. Gillespie 
Mrs. Kubovsak 
Mrs. Stang 


4th Grade 
Mrs. Boris 
Mrs. Keefer 
Mr. Rogers 
Mr. Tull 
Mrs. Wilson 


5th Grade
Mrs. Cullen 
Mrs. Dean 
Mrs. Farrelly
Ms. Stout


Yearbook SALE!
Now through 9/30 get the yearbook for 10% off the purchase price of $21. Refer to the flyers below from our vendor for more detailed information including logging in, adding pictures and creating 2 personal pages for your student (new this year!).
Email fhptoyearbook158@gmail.com with any questions.